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❶And other developed countries in reducing the influence of energy use on air quality; Continued dialogue and information exchange among U.

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Though no single answer exists, there are some arguments to sketch an answer. Undoubtedly the inherent complexity of the desertification phenomenon hampers almost every phase of the sequence leading to the mitigation or control of an environmental problem i. These advances show that vegetation dynamics in drylands may remain seemingly unaffected by an increase in land use pressure until there is a sudden shift to a lower-productivity stable state, with stochastic climate events, such as severe droughts, acting as triggers.

Additionally, incomplete or inadequate scientific knowledge, together with the urgent need of integrative solutions for the Sahelian drama, may have driven actors to resort to the first workable options, leading to erroneous regulations at that time. However, regulations of this kind are not dependent on scientific knowledge alone but also on political pressure mechanisms. Thus an explanation of the failure to achieve sound regulation needs to consider political issues as well.

National governments benefit not only from foreign financial aid but also from the use of desertification as the basis for severely repressive social control. International donors and institutions find the problem of desertification a reason unto itself for their involvement, whereas scientists may highlight the global nature and severity of the desertification problem as a means to obtain research funds.

On the contrary, the bottom-up approaches promoted by the populist discourse do not fit the terms and conditions of bilateral and multilateral funding and instead stress the principles of participation and decentralization. It is apparent that the progress achieved in our comprehension of desertification has not been matched by an improvement in the regulations aimed at mitigating its consequences.

Future contributions to the solution of the desertification problem require the synthesis of recent social and ecological advances into a new synthetic framework that overcomes the constraints upon the solutions imposed by the GEM and populist discourses. Social scientists hope that a new desertification paradigm—that is, the dryland development paradigm, which represents a convergence of insights from both discourses—is emerging. This example Desertification Essay is published for educational and informational purposes only.

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Hard corals mainly Scleractinia form the biological and structural foundations of coral reef ecosystems, and can recover rapidly…… [Read More]. Farmland to Deserts a Lot of Arable. Farmland to Deserts A lot of arable land is increasingly turning into deserts nowadays. Many reasons are attributed to this tendency. According to UNESCO in a new technique to halt desert encroachment, taking a close look at China for instance, the rate of desertification has risen to world environmental organizations concern.

This is because the rate of farmland deterioration has risen in china to km2 per year. Among the causes of farmland deterioration to deserts are: Intensive agriculture; overproduction from the same land is causing arable farmlands to convert to deserts as a result of nutrients in the soil being exhausted and not being replenished.

The ultimate result has been the farmland becoming unproductive thus explaining desertification is on the increase. Population pressure; UNESCO points out one this as one of the causes and effects of desert encroachment, too many people in a small piece of land results…… [Read More]. Water Legislation Origins of Environmental. The Leblanc alkali production processes were especially pernicious, but they followed along the lines of previous industrial processes.

In other words, the first British environmental legislation was a response not so much to a qualitative change in industrial processes and their environmental impact but more to a quantitative increase in sources of pollution that had up to that point been if only barely tolerable. Legislation Arising From Public Anger At the center of the first British environmental legislation was the Leblanc process, an industrial process that produced of soda ash which is chemically sodium carbonate that came into use in the first decades of the 19th century.

Named after its inventor, Nicolas Leblanc, it replaced an older process in which soda ash had been produced from wood ash. However, as the availability of wood ash declined because of deforestation, a process that was occuring both in Great Britain and across…… [Read More]. Multicriteria Analysis Model of Land. It has 10 sources in APA format. Issues pertaining to land use management, and land use planning are as varied in nature as their challenging existence. Taking diversity as one challenge, it is noticed that ascertaining the various goals, values and techniques of the land user have remained a crucial task.

The intention of this paper is to detail some methodologies on selected issues of land use management and land use planning, and present relevant literature review that give credence to these methodologies. The determination of how our land is or will be used is coined as land use planning and land management.

Seeking to create a vision for use and management of lands and the natural resources, the land and resource management plans requires the involvement of…… [Read More]. Water in Sub-Saharan Africa. Water in Sub-Saharan Africa is of special interest because of my background but water is a fascinating issue in general, one that I think will play an increasingly large role in the 21st century, as the effects of population growth and climate change bring about significant changes to our water usage and availability.

A lack of water in particular has a substantial destabilizing effect. Water as a social issue combines a lot of different elements. As an issue, water sits at the intersection of social justice, politics, economics and agriculture are all areas weather.

This is probably because water is so essential to human life. We drink it, we use in for domestic purposes, agricultural, industrial, transportation. Yet clean water is not always easy to come by. Some feel that access to clean water is a human right.

So there is a significant importance attached to water in most parts…… [Read More]. Senegal Prior to Ordering Meat. There has been "inadequately controlled cutting of forests for fuel" and there has also been significant overgrazing of existing grasslands which are dwindling away. Those above-mentioned facts having been presented, there…… [Read More]. Marketing Water Fans, India Industry outlook The market in India for water fans or misting fans as they are also called is problematical at best.

Without doubt, the climate except in the northern mountains is hot; the problem is, it is also quite humid. Still, the Indian people have been looking for ways to stay cool for centuries. It was India that gave the world the slatted shutter; when air comes in through small spaces as in shutters, adopted in the American South before air conditioning, or in lattice-work walls as in parts of India , it is cooled. Still, they did not develop a cooling system like that of that ancient omans, which did use water running through channels to create condensation.

The reason, of course, is the problem of water quality. While industrial pollution has now added immeasurably to the water quality problems in India, the sluggish flow of…… [Read More]. Technology and Global Exosystem.

Technology and Global Ecosystem An Analysis of the Implications of Technology and the Global Ecosystem The 21st century promises to usher in innovations in technology that cannot yet be imagined, and the advancements to date have provided many in the world with unprecedented standards of living.

Improved methods of transportation and communication, combined with more leisure time than ever in which to spend it has resulted in many people developing a keen appreciation for technology and what it promises for mankind; an unfortunate concomitant of these innovations in many parts of the world, though, has been an intensive assault on the globe's ecosystem in an effort to bring emerging nations into line with the productivity being experienced in the developed nations of the world.

As a result, a debate over whether or not technology threatens the integrity of the global ecosystem has emerged in recent years, and pundits warn that…… [Read More].

Inter-Parliamentary Union and Its Role. Likewise, the Institute of Agriculture required a quorum of two-thirds of its members for voting purposes and for the balancing of votes according to the size of the budgetary contributions owett, While this analysis of these early forms of public international unions is not complete, it does suggest that they were beginning to identify the wide range of interests involved in modern international commerce and what was required to mediate disputes rather than war over them.

According to owett , despite the growing body of research into the history and purpose of international public unions, the authorities have not reached a consensus on their classification; however, the constitutional developments and innovations made by the public unions are important considerations for policymakers today because they presaged those made by contemporary inter-governmental organizations owett, In the first instance, the trend towards permanence of association was distinct, no matter whether…… [Read More].

It is ideal to focus on the primary causes of climate change with the aim of understanding the influence or implication on the growth and development of the planet earth.

This paper seeks to unveil the major or primary causes in relation to climate change. I have chosen this topic because of its sensitivity to the growth and development of the humanity. Modern society associates itself with constant debates on the concept of global warming. This is a reflection of the significance of the topic of the research with reference to the examination of the primary causes of climate change. It is ideal to understand the primary causes of climate change with the aim of adopting and implementing various critical issues in…… [Read More].

Non-Traditional Security Threats and the EU Theoretical Study Terrorism Weapons of Mass Destruction and Nuclear Threat Regional Conflict Organized Crime Environmental Degradation Non-Traditional Security Threats and the EU Due to the discontentment with the conventional concepts of security, the research schedule based on these conventional concepts, associated theoretical debates and their impact on policy, have given rise to the idea of non-traditional security.

In the present era, it is universally acknowledged that security possesses multifaceted characteristics. Growing from the components of military and political units of the days of the Cold War, it has presently come to achieve new magnitude i.

These are not brought together under the military characteristics of security and they encompass a whole lot, ranging from macroeconomic equilibrium to environmental based. Non-traditional security risks like extremism or terrorist activities, weapons which lead to mass destruction,…… [Read More]. Nauru is an island in the South Pacific, which formerly had significant phosphate resource but those have now been depleted.

There is some limited arable land around the fringe of the island, allowing for minimal crops and coconuts. Fishing is a main source of locally-produced food. Niger is an African nation that straddles Saharan and sub-Saharan Sahel. In Niger, there is However, there are recurring droughts as desertification extends the Sahara farther into the country.

The country is landlocked, so has limited access to markets, and none of its neighborhoods has much wealth either. PCPI Canada market development. It has grown from strength to strength and has the ingredients to go for another 20 years; however, while it may have the ingredients, I am not sure of the current recipe…… [Read More]. The environment is a word which refers to the natural effects around us including the atmosphere, seas and oceans, rocks and mountains, plants, ice formations, human beings, stars and several others.

These effects are best left in their natural state because when they get disturbed, they could have serious consequences on the atmosphere, electricity, water, weather, fire and the earth's magnetism. Sadly, this is the situation of things now and these consequences are real. Several problems are facing the environment causing global adverse effects and putting the people in it at risk. This research studies these problems and determines if the scientific and political measures put in place are effective in mitigating them Environmental issues facing the world The disturbances in the environment have brought about noticeable changes in climate and high frequencies of natural disasters.

Take for example; the problem of global warming…… [Read More]. Sustainability Sustainable Living Involves More. The cycle continues and the family member has to choose the way of washing this cloth towel. Another way of reducing the amount of energy a house expends in the window setup in that house. The larger the windows, the more light that comes into the home, and the less lighting is need to keep the house comfortable. Steffen There are many ways in which humans could quicken -- in a humane way -- reindustrialization from the petroleum based overshoot industrial society of the present to a more diverse, efficient and flourishing society based on energy sources such as solar, wind geothermal, water, resource production, and creativity, as well as on such values as compassion, altruism and fairness.

Rainwater harvesting, a well-known practice in the poor economies of the world, is catching…… [Read More]. Health Care Systems Management as. The infant mortality rate is of 8.

This rate places Kuwait on the th position on the chart of the CIA. In terms of economy, Kuwait is a relatively open, small and wealthy economy. It relies extensively on oil exports -- petroleum exports for instance account for 95 per cent of the total export revenues as well as for 95 per cent of the federal income. The Kuwaiti representatives have recently set the goal of increasing the oil production per day. Currently, Kuwait is facing the pressures of the internationalized economic crisis -- which however, due to recent economic surpluses in Kuwait, affects the economy to a lower extent.

Simultaneously with the increase in oil production, the Kuwaiti authorities are also focusing on diversifying the economic activities in the sense of supporting…… [Read More]. Sky May Not Be Actually. The net effect of these trends on the environment is mixed.

According to Kohler and Erdmann , the expanded use of ICT applications will ultimately result in both benefits to the environment, as well as some new problems associated with their use. According to Lan and Thomas , there is no escaping the fact that information and communication technologies are fundamentally changing the nature of commerce and hold important promise for economic development in the future. These authors are quick at add, though, that proceeding with these technologies is a complex enterprise and there are still a number of unknowns involved concerning how…… [Read More].

Sustainable Development All International Law. In the past few years, there have been a number of key meetings of about environmental issues. The ongoing discussions with regards to the fate of the soon-to-be extinct bluefin tuna illustrate the frustrations of trying to reach environmental agreements.

Nations responsible for the management of the resource ignore scientific advice and pursue their own interests to the detriment of the common good, and resist any effort to change the practice Gronewald, Other conferences trend along the same line -- small groups of nations meeting to hammer out specific policy details. The UNEP United Nations Environmental Programme chemicals roundtable was a conference that discussed specific areas of concern with respect to chemical pollution.

There are many international agreements that govern the environment. Bamboo Industry in India Bamboo. Exports account for approximately half this amount Binnquist, Lopez, and Shanley. Figure 2 portrays three views of bamboo. A bamboo forrest; Two: A bamboos shoot; Three: A bamboo grove walkway. Three Views of Bamboo adapted from Stickman. As bamboo production levels have risen, the amounts of raw materials needed to facilitate the production have simultaneously increased.

The bamboo industry in Anji predominantly harvests bamboo from plantations, as it primarily grows a fast growing and easily cultivated, bamboo species, locally known as "maozhu" or "moso bamboo" phyllostachys heterocycla Binnquist, Lopez, and Shanley. Along with the hefty production of bamboo, the intense cultivation bamboo industry uses mammoth amounts of fertilizers and pesticides; which contributes to negative environmental effects.

In reference to the bamboo production…… [Read More]. Inconvenient Truth Former Vice President. The hope, of course, that to the extent possible, both groups will invest themselves, and their money, in the ways that Mr. Gore is going to suggest in the film. The Scientist and Mentors Finally, Mr. Gore shows an image of earth that was made by a friend of his - all of the experts in the film are friends of Mr. The image was, again, made over a period of years and shows all the geographic locations of the earth.

This is important because it segues into Mr. Gore's new direction of rhetoric; a story about two teachers, one he liked very much, the other not so well. Now, this explanation of his impression, his like or dislike of these teachers is intended to accomplish several things in the connection between Mr.

Gore and his audience. Also, the audience has changed from a young audience, to one of…… [Read More]. Water Shortage in the Middle. Given water scarcity, the high costs of desalinisation and other unconventional methods of supplying water, and the pollution of surface and ground waters, Israel sought other natural supplies of water from the Litani" Dolatyar, The Israeli then invaded Lebanon, but were met with extreme resistance.

Negotiations between Israel and Syria…… [Read More]. Rural Poverty in Rwanda Rwanda. Due to the reasons stated above, the World Bank estimates that Encyclopedia Encarta wanda has a population density of …… [Read More]. Glacial Melting Though Global Acclimate. Island nations may be beautiful, but their isolation makes them vulnerable to outside forces that increasingly threaten their survival. Rising sea levels linked to global warming could submerge some altogether.

Tuvalu, a est Pacific nation whose peak height rises just 5 meters over sea level, could be uninhabitable within 50 years, some experts say. Of all the threats facing island nations, the rise in sea level could be the most catastrophic Schmidt hen we discuss this issue we often slide back to…… [Read More].

Environmental Policies and Problems in. China should learn from the successes and failure of the U. And other developed countries in reducing the influence of energy use on air quality; Continued dialogue and information exchange among U. And Chinese scientists and policy-makers should be promoted through professional organization, government support programs, and the National Academies in both countries to promote joint development of energy and pollution control strategies.

Country of Sudan Dependency Theory. However, in the case of Sudan, it may be said that none of the above theories applies. This is largely due to the fact that there are specific internal factors which determine the orientation of the economy in a certain direction.

These are most of the times related to the historical evolution of the country under discussion. In the Sudanese case, the end of the war and the independence from the British rule marked the slow evolution of an autonomous economic system. However, the lack of experienced personal and the poor investment plans made these attempts fail.

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Desertification is the expansion of desert lands into previously non-desert areas. The process occurs due to both natural and human causes.. Deserts occur anywhere where there is less than 10 inches of rainfall each year/5(2).

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- Essay: What is desertification, where is it found, and what are the causes. Desertification is the process by which land dries up eventually over time and the land turning to desert. This is common in Africa where most of the terrain is a desert. The Desertification is one of the most popular assignments among students' documents. If you are stuck with writing or missing ideas, scroll down and find inspiration in the best samples. Desertification is quite a rare and popular topic for writing an essay, but it certainly is in our database.

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Desertification is the process by which fertile land becomes desert, typically as a result of drought, deforestation, or inappropriate agriculture. One major setback that leads to desertification is overgrazing. Desertification Essay Of all the global environmental problems, desertification is, perhaps, the most threatening for poor rural people. The most accepted definition of desertification states that it is land degradation in arid, semiarid, and dry subhumid areas (hereafter called “drylands”) resulting from various factors, including climatic variations and .