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1212 Words Essay on Science in the Service of Man


❶It has brought a revolution in the field of traveling, medicine, surgery and engineering etc.


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The blessings of science essay for fsc 2nd year
Science in the service of man essay quotations

This idol worshipping was due to ignorance and fear. Man was helpless before the rivers, the oceans, the big forests, the snakes, the lions and other things of this type. So he began to worship them. But now the outlook has undergone a complete change scientific way of life has rid the man of intellectual slavery and superstition, has opened new vistas for him and has enabled him to lead a respectable life in the real sense.

Science has enabled man to realize his own true worth. He is in fact 'the roof and crown of things' as Tennyson puts it, but had stooped too low to understand his true worth.

Science has won this position for him. In olden days the means of transport and communications was so meager that a 'person could not go out of his small city-state and had no means to contact those who were far away from him. But now the world looks shrunken before man. How fast is the speed of man! One can see the speedy motor cars and buses, trams and railway trains, and jets and aero planes. Above all we notice with a sense of awe and terror the speed of rockets and satellites.

They are all the making of science. Science is doing miraculous service in the field of healing. It is saving people from the jaws of death. Science has played a vital part in the field of education. The printing-press, books, papers, fountain pens, fine inks are the master-gifts of science. Gramophone, radio, television aids and appliances are the inventions of science.

Courses of study are now based on scientific psychological basis. Hence, science serves our education. Now-a-days all the finished goods are mostly the product of science. We have got textile mills, glass factory, iron and steel factory, fertilizer factory and so on.

Everything of our everyday use is the work of science. Rice-mills, wheat-mills, oil-mills, are serving our food affairs. Science is now tries to make synthetic goods for us. It is now possible to talk about all men on this planet as neighbours. The means of communications have also made dramatic progress due to science. The telephone, the wireless, the telegraph, the postal system, the fax machine and the Internet have made it fairly easy and quick to communicate with friends, relatives and colleagues living or working abroad.

Nature and natures laws lay hid in night: God said, Let Newton be and all was light. Alexander Pope — Epitaph Written for Newton.

Most believably, this century is regarded as an age of machines. They remain all around modern men and help them in hundred of different ways. There is hardly any field or area devoid of their presence. Whether it is education or health, industry or transport, entertainment or communication, war or agriculture, fashions or domestic comforts, all is marked with machines, which are working day and night to serve humanity in a great manner.

Sc Class Study Helping Notes Todays man cannot do without refrigerator, air conditioner, electric fan, air cooler, electric iron, video camera, CD player, cable system, VCR, dish antenna and various other electronic instruments.

The ever increasing demand of building materials, namely bricks, cement, iron beams, logs of wood, etc, is being fulfilled with the use of scientific methods. Science has also provided us with a great number of labour saving devices. Human labour is no longer required even in household chores. My Computer English Essay for Class 5th 8th 9th 10th.

The scientific instruments and devices are there to clean the rooms and even to knead the flour. So, science has proved a real boon for the poor housewife. Now, she is no more needed to remain always busy in the kitchen. She has got time to enjoy her leisure, study newspapers and magazines and attend children in much better way. There are some of the mental and psychological advantages we have got from science and its application to life. It has virtually got our minds free from the bondage of superstitions and ignorance.

Admittedly, knowledge gives power while ignorance causes weakness. The habits of reasoning, inquiring and questioning are the laudable gifts of science.

We do this when we control our passions, prejudices and sentiments. So, the world of science is literally a world of order, efficiency and reason that increases our power over nature and helps us to raise our standard of life.

Science is the knowledge se of consequences and the dependence of one fact upon another. Despite all the inventions and discoveries, science could never prove itself to be unmixed blessing for the human race.

Science has, no doubt, made mans life more comfortable, healthy and bright, but it has also brought about certain complications and problems. Firstly , man is exposed to new temptations and thrown into confusion due to amazing and unexpected discoveries and inventions of science.

He is not in position to determine the goal of his life with grim finality. Secondly , modern technology has virtually impaired craftsmanship and thousands of skilled persons are condemned to work in the factories and mills as ordinary labourers. Thirdly , science develops our heads and brains, but weaken our hearts and souls.

Such things as kindness, love, devotion, worship and spiritual prospects do not flourish anymore. Fourthly , science has made modern mans outlook grossly materialistic. With the progression of time, he is becoming more and more selfish and greedy.


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Free sample essay on Science in the Service of Man. We are living in an age of science. Miracles of science have changed our lives. The best of the comforts and luxuries that we have today are the contributions of science. Science has made our life easy and comfortable. It has reduced the time.

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Here is a simple and short essay on Science in the Service of Man for weak students who are searching for an easy essay. This essay could be a part of speech on science in the service of man and also a Paragraph on the same subject. This essay will discuss the uses of science in the daily life routines.

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Science is the service of man in many terms such as in education, health, and technology. Education is an essential part of social system because it enables the young ones gain learning and proper training in order to engage to the problem that the communities are facing. Science and Man Science has played an important role in this society. We know that man is a curious creature since in the beginning that God created him. Also, we know that God gave the man knowledge to rule over the Garden of Eden.