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A List of the Types of Print Advertising


❶Parts are defined as columns, articles and headlines.

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Companies have three primary categories of newspaper ads to use when advertising. These types include display or box ads, inserts and classifieds. Some businesses use all three, while others focus newspaper messages on one format.

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The lay-out and general types' scheme is standardised in most newspapers. There is also no need to see the proofs with the designs already approved. A designed advertisement, therefore, gives the maximum return for its cost.

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Aug 06,  · Newspaper advertising is a popular method for drawing attention to a business, a garage sale or a service being offered. To most effectively advertise one's event or business, there are several types of newspaper advertising options that differ in size, placement, shape and cost. Commonly referred to as ROP (run of press,) newspapers generally feature two types of ads. First, there is the classified ad or text ad, and the second, more common ad, is the display ad. The display ad may be all text or include images and .

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Display ads account for approximately 70 percent of the advertising revenue of the average newspaper. The two types of display advertising in newspapers are local and national (general). Daily local newspapers can be effective channels for publishing newspapers allow you to place a variety of ads, including classified ads or comprehensive coverage. The type of ad that a company or individual use depends largely on the overall goal.