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Exploring Children's Books Through the Lens of Diversity

8 thoughts on “Part 1–Having Students Analyze Our Classroom Library To See How Diverse It Is”

Thus, when using the library, I often go with information in hand and looking for a specific area. I have never really stopped to take a look. The only time I have spent time in the library working on a paper, I intentionally secluded myself. I have always seen them as inviting places. In my mind they were places where people would come together and where there was not only a lot of information and books but also a place where there was fun to be had.

I have always associated libraries as a place of interaction. The people in the library, and there were quite a few, spent most of their time working to maintain a separation from each other. This is a sign of productivity, but there s more to it. I had never truly stopped to look at the environment, which is a little hard. Everything is made of a hard substance and most of the furniture and art use strong angles.

Everything is built around movement patterns or movement in general. There are few places which encourage face-to-face, comfortable interaction. This area is more about function than form. There were several challenges in representing this place but few in the observation itself. The library is in an easy and close location; therefore, getting there was not a problem. There were a few people that acknowledged my presence and only one that looked even remotely disturbed.

The people there were either busy or just assumed that I too was dong something academic. I could also sit a little off to the side at one of the tables which made the observing simple.

There was no physical danger or even physical discomfort with this observation. The main challenge, as the battery in my computer was dead, was taking legible notes.

I did have a very hard time writing down anything in the reflection category while observing, so the column for what I was seeing was much more full. The representation is a little more difficult because of the connections I spoke of earlier. I now have a much greater understanding of the politics of location, and this was with a very small, easy, and relatively simple observation. As a researcher, I have learned more about how I feel about libraries in general. I learned other things as well.

I learned that I can get distracted. I learned that I am not able to write as fast as I think and see. While books and encyclopedia are the traditional methods of retrieving information for school and are less likely to provide faulty information on account of untrustworthy websites you may find online , students prefer to use the internet as a source of information.

Studies show that search engine websites such as Google or Bing make this to be true. It is a very time efficient operation to type in a few words pertaining to your topic of research and getting thousands of relative results with one click than it is to open up a book and read and skim through the pages to find what you are looking for.

That study then begs the question, what if it is the quality of the books that pushes students away from using them, rather than the actual concept of utilizing books? Perhaps students have given the traditional method of finding information in books a chance, but never felt the information they found to be helpful Miller 8. I notice students constantly occupying the printers. As I sit here writing this I can hear the printer going off what feels like every few seconds. I then hear the click of the stapler to bind together the wad of papers that were recently printed, and I feel that this can attest to the revolution of modern technology.

While there are more students on the computers than there are next to the bookshelves, the library as a whole does not have that many people in it for such a prime study night. As I look around, I do not see many people. I look over the door every now and then to see if it will swing open and let someone through but it does not very frequently do so. As a matter of fact, with the exception of the printer sounding off and the small sound of keys being punched on the keyboard, it appears to be almost silent.

It would appear evident that students are studying back at their dorm or apartment. But why not come to the library where you have access to so many more resources?

The invention of the laptop was so hard-hitting because of how convenient it was and is. The owner of a laptop has the freedom to take it anywhere and be able to use it, and even access the internet wherever there is Wi-Fi. These new things being invented make it almost unnecessary to leave the comfort of your own home to do any type of research. It eliminates the better half of all students who have their own laptop or e-reader from ever making a routine trip to the library out of the interest of merely wanting to study.

The students who do not have, or cannot afford laptops or e-readers will by default have to make frequent trips to the libraries to get their studies done. I question why there are so few people here in this library, but I feel that the oncoming revolution of mobile technology is a reasonable explanation for it. On a Wednesday at around 6: Although there were not as many people in the library as I expected, I was able to get a clear understanding on the way students interact with each other, and how students interacted with the library, by utilizing its resources.

An hour spent in the library merely observing things has given me a lot of insight, along with the research I have acquired about college libraries. As a freshman in college being a part of a campus library for the first time in my life, I did not witness the changes of a college library from now and five years ago, but from the research I have found regarding the demographics of the library, I feel the concept of a college library is either dying off or changing even more drastically within the next decade.

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Today’s College Library (Observing Essay) Posted on December 15, by vwalk2 This project demonstrates how I can sit back and thoroughly observe a certain area.

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