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Your hypothesis needs to be one sentence that is easily testable. My hypothesis is that as I increase distance by 1 metre, the time will increase by 1 second'.

This section is also the part where you are marked for spelling, punctuation and grammar. Your report must make use of full scientific terminology in order to gain 8 marks. To get great marks in this section, you must plan your own method and justify your techniques and your equipment talk about precision and validity of results. You must explain why you chose the range.

Link this to your preliminary experiments that you did. I did a big range, then narrowed it down You must also complete a full and appropriate full risk assessment. To gain 8 marks, your risk assessment needs to be a separate appendix, which can be completed using a proforma.

These can be found all over the internet, but a good one can be found here. Collecting Data - C - range and quality of primary data. This is easy to get good marks in. You need to collect a good range of data, justifying your choice of range talk about your preliminary work and have a good amount of repeats. H ighlight your outliers and repeat them.

Record everything you measure in a pretty table with all your labels and units and you're all sorted. Analysis - A - revealing patterns in data Another easy section to get full marks in, if you take your time and concentrate. You need to draw a scatter graph of your average results, including a line of best fit. Depending on your results, this will either be a straight line with a ruler or a smooth curve. This will show you how reliable your data is, as the smaller the error bar, the closer together and more reliable your repeats are.

If you have put multiple sets of data onto one graph to show comparisons, you need to make sure that each data set is easily identified and there is a key to show which data is which. Evaluation - Ea - evaluation of apparatus and procedures. For this section, you need to describe limitations caused by your techniques and equipment. Talk about what problems you might have encountered not necessarily ones that actually happened, just what might have happened and explain what you could do to improve your work the next time.

Think about better, more precise equipment, like electronic timing devices, laser measures and super accurate pipettes. You can also use the section to discuss alternative methods that are available that can provide the same results with more accuracy.

You need to say, for each point, why they would be an improvement. This has to be done in detail to get the top marks. If it helps, you can add diagrams or photographs of the alternative equipment.

You can also justify why your method is the best one and that there are no realistic ways to make it any better. Evaluation - Eb - evaluation of primary data. Identify any outliers you had in your results. You need to talk about the general scatter of your results.

Are they close together or far away? What dies this mean about the accuracy of your results? You also need to refer to your error bars. Small error bars mean increased reliability as all your repeats are close together. Why might your error bars for some points be big while others are small? What might have happened for this to be the result? Think about all the errors that could have occurred and link this back to the limitations of your method and apparatus.

Don't forget to look at the how to guide. Discussion in ' Secondary ' started by Spamtastic , Jan 22, This site uses cookies.

By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Connect with like-minded professionals and have your say on the issues that matter to you. OCR Gateway science controlled assessments new spec. Hello fellow science teachers, I hope there is someone who can help. Just getting our head around how we are going to do the experiment, sharing the equipment out and the amount of time it is going to take is confusing.

I am fed up of wasting time having to guess how to do things the way the moderators want. When I finally got my head around the old style they changed it I really hope someone can help, I am sure I can't be the only one who is feeling lost. The last time I contacted a teacher I knew from another school their head got shirty Spamtastic , Jan 22, Hi, I'm not sure how much help I will be as I'm only an NQT and just went with what was decided, just looking on here for some help on how to mark it when the students have done the wrong hypothesis and so teamed up with other students to get the results and realised they'd done it wrong, nightmare for marking!!

The next lesson we did the same with planning, students worked in small groups to make notes on planning then wrote them up under exam conditions along with the results table Third period we had 20min slots for each class over 2 rooms and rotated to use the equipment, we did the roller coaster one and students had plenty of time.

During this lesson while they weren't doing the practical they were finishing their write-ups. Then on a different day the entire year group sat in exam conditions in the hall to do part 3. To be honest all the students had enough time because the lower ones who worked slower didn't go into the detail of why for everything and we made sure they understood before hand that this was the only chance.

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Courses generally contain ocr science coursework help resume examples cashier experience more ocr electronics and to be internally. A maths coursework, ict coursework help students century elements of physics. San bernardino, daly city wiccans and homework help keep. Jan 27,  · Hi everyone. I just had a question for you- im in year 11 at the moment, and im doing additional science- ocr 21st century. Im doing my coursework at the moment, and the people doing the same course as me, or doing triple science with the same board, will .