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Product And Service Design Essay

product and service design essay

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A service is an intangible economic activity, not stored and does not result in ownership; Services nowadays are becoming more important and growing faster and consumers are more apprehensive with performance and satisfaction when they use a service or buy a product.

For that reason, making decisions about services and products has been becoming a big challenge for marketers. First of all there are 3 levels of a product marketing, the first one is core product benefits, it refers to the perceived value, image, the performance and features, the second one is the Product attributes like brand name, quality, design, staff behavior, price and packaging and the third one is the support services it focus on the Services in the deliver of the product or the after sales services; this three levels are the base of the possibilities that marketers have to standardize the product.

In order to be distinctive the differentiation of the core product is a different way of satisfying the same need or want but creating an additional value to the costumer and competitive advantage for the company; to make this possible marketers should include and evaluate five elements quality, features, style and design, branding, packing, labeling and product support services. These 5 elements implicate a certain characteristics that focused in how the consumers perceive these elements, what is the consumer perception of quality?

What is the impact of the design and style of the product in the buying behavior? How can I attract attention with my package? How can I promote the product with the labels? Another aspect are the Product lines, there are cataloged as a strategy to enlarge profits, a company with products lines use and has product mix, it has four dimensions, width, length, depth and consistency their classification depends on the number of the products or of the lines that a company has.

Due to continually changing consumer tastes and innovation in markets the life cycle of a product is describe through four distinct stages the Introduction, growth, maturity and decline it is for this reason that nowadays companies must develop new products and services, but it is not simple, to do that the company should understand its customers, markets and also the stakeholders that can be involved in the NDP.

To finding the potential new products exist an amount of specific stages the first one Idea generation, the second one is Idea screening, the third one is Concept developing an testing, then they have to develop the marketing strategy after analyzed the business to develop the product and the final 2 stages are Test marketing and commercialization. Perfect work, the writer even better, very understanding and helpful, cant say anything other than good about it. Paper was on time, and followed the instructions precisely!

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Will request again in the future. Personal Development Good job. Thank you so much. Some companies have to make orders direct from suppliers when they exhaust their stock in store; others maintain a safety stock level so as to fulfill customer satisfaction.

Hence a company should be set in an accessible place during all seasons. Operational strategies can also be structured for attaining high levels of customer satisfaction at relatively low costs.

Among many positive effects which result from modularization of products include: Reduction of time spent on product development — Parallel development activities are only possible once the interfaces between the modules are clearly defined. Parallel development of the product and production systems — product development plans may be translated into production plans for each module. Less capital tied up in production — Capital is reduced due to shortened lead times.

Less stock is maintained due to presence of ready-made products. Reduced material and purchase costs — the purchase cost and administration cost hence lowering the overall cost of production Easier servicing and upgrade options — Standardized interfaces make adding or replacing of modules easy.

Easier administration — Quoting, planning and designing customized products is done more efficiently. Pricing mode is also one of the issue to be consider because this depends on the location of the industry whether in rural areas or in urban center and the ease of outsourcing should also be a major consideration.

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Free Essay: STUDY OUTLINE FOR CHAPTER 4 PRODUCT and SERVICE DESIGN 1. Why is product or service design strategically important? For the success and.

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Design is the craft of visualising concrete solutions that serve human needs and goals within certain constraints. (Goodwin, Kim. ). Human engineering combined with product and business knowledge to generate ideas and concepts and convert them into physical and usable objects or services is called as product or service design.

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Chapter 3 Product and Service Design Product Design The product-design process consists of designing products that perform required functions and satisfy customer requirements. The product-design process is highly developed because it is the focus of mechanical (and civil, aeronautical, and automotive) engineering. Read this essay on Product Design Essay. Come browse our large digital warehouse of free sample essays. Get the knowledge you need in order to pass your classes and more. Only at".

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Read this essay on Product and Service Design. Come browse our large digital warehouse of free sample essays. Get the knowledge you need in order to pass your classes and more. Only at". Check out this Product and Service Design in Operation Management essay paper. Buy exclusive Product and Service Design in Operation Management essay cheap. Order Product and Service Design in Operation Management essay from $ per page.