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Interpretivism and Positivism (Ontological and Epistemological Perspectives)

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❶Researchers performing this type of study also need to be extra cautious to present findings from the participant's perspective rather than the researcher's point of view.

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Interpretivism, also known as interpretivist involves researchers to interpret elements of the study, thus interpretivism integrates human interest into a study. Accordingly, “interpretive researchers assume that access to reality (given or socially constructed) is only through social.

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Your research philosophy can be pragmatism, positivism, realism or interpretivism as discussed below. The reasons behind philosophical classifications of the study need to be provided. You need to discuss the implications of your research philosophy on the research strategy in general and the choice of primary data collection methods in .

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Positivism and Interpretivism are the two basic approaches to research methods in Sociology. Positivist prefer scientific quantitative methods, while Interpretivists prefer humanistic qualitative methods. This post provides a very brief overview of the two. Mar 14,  · 60 thoughts on “ Interpretivism and Positivism (Ontological and Epistemological Perspectives Research Paradigm(3)-Interpretivism | KT Huang says: April 15, at am This one entitled, ‘Interpretivism and Positivism (Ontological and Epistemological Perspectives). Could you perhaps help me? Thank .

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Firstly, it is the research philosophy. There are two main types of philosophy and they are positivism and interpretivism. In this research the interpretivism philosophy will be applied to adopt the nature of theories on the factors influencing the . Background There are three commonly known philosophical research paradigms used to guide research methods and analysis: positivism, interpretivism and critical theory. Being able to justify the decision to adopt or reject a philosophy should be part of the basis of research. It is therefore.